At Folsom Prison

by At Folsom Prison

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released September 4, 2010



all rights reserved


At Folsom Prison Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: My Aspect to Dirty Deeds
My aspect to dirty deeds
Done by ill-natured men be like you.
The four contradictions i see
But you cant tell one from each other

The good, the evil, the truth, the lie

Smile at me but i smell rat
Dead sure you ll stab me in the back
Slanders meant to make me fall
One day ou ll reap all that you sowed
You only show the other face
Skindeep, inside ou re pack of waste
Sick with consience that is bleak
Intensions strong but spirit weak

Hiding out, Behind your lies

Dumping to conslusions
Slashes the others
Once you tell me a lie
You re about to say another
Track Name: Vote For Your Candidate
So here we a go again 4 years left
And you should thing twice who you ll elect
Within a short time they ll hang up posters.

Try to chaose you candidate
It isnt so easy
Give him your vote and watt
How hes performing his promises

There ll be nothing keeeping change
Anyway they want your vote
So try to stop for a while and thing about what

So do you make your decision?
If no im keeping my fist to you
Maybe you re Better than me
You want that in some way

Mark off only one you personally thing right or throw away the sheet
And wait for another 4 years – it could be perhaps better
Track Name: Dreams Come True
Im your sacrifice
You are nothing
Only way is truth
In my times of needs
In cold ground born bad seeds
The roots of evil, rebirth of inhumanity
I see the bad things in my dreams
In my dreams….
In my dreams….

In your head is wall block that your feelings
Im your sacrifice
You are nothing
Only way is truth
In my times of needs
In cold ground born bad seeds

I see the bad things
I see the mother earth
I see flowers burns
I see falling trees
I see playing children with sky
I crying when planet dies
We cries

We are alone
We are at the end of one period
We carry the burden of big prophecy

Born by human fear. Dont, be afraid of the dark
Your wasted dreams are away. My dear stayed from fear…
Track Name: Other Ways
All we jumpahead.
We ride for a fall.
We not gaze around.
We seeing the prophet.

Our eyes change on emptiness
They are out of idiom
Many people see one way
I see them more

I want rise to the sky
I want creep out on the mountain
Truth and freedom is way for me
Early will come judgement

We must undertake this prophecy
Money are our destruction
We accumulate fortune.
Our flats are full of stuffs
Track Name: House of Flames
The house of flames.
Here in old house is all otherwise
I must care for my shabby soul
She is on wheelchair

I must care for. She is old.
Shabby and broken
That house is spendid.
Everywhere are red carpets
Everywhere are red stairs

Everywhere are Picture
Scenes of yore
I know them I know these faces
My soul is old and hardly goes.
Constantly I have that bizarre sensation.
This place I know.
Track Name: Mistakes
At the beginning of all days
In aborting of all filth
I m standing and I perceive this power
At the beginning of all filth
I want always sense this warm ground
I want see the trees blossom

I m coming here on old places
Expectations of same basics
Nothing is like early
I want my mistakes repair

I sense this penetrating pain
The hands are condemnation
My legs already not function like earlier
Neverending and long fetch
When whill yet end of my way?
Where do I come in?

Come on
Im standing still here
The wind is strong
I see the grass everywhere
The branches flying around me
Dust in my eyes. I lie down here
Here on windy hill. And I stay on judgement