Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise

by At Folsom Prison

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This LP was recorded in the Golden Digital Studio,
24 - 26 January 2014.
Recordings were mixed and mastered by Amák and Pavel Veselý.

2014 © At Folsom Prison


released December 11, 2014



all rights reserved


At Folsom Prison Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Serpents
I wake up and heaven gets black
Open my mouth and swarm of wasps flies out
Open my heart and lava spills
Heaven is burning and you are walking next to me

So long close at hand and yet so far
My mind is getting weak
Everything seemed beautiful is going gray

Wind of time covered your face
And I don´t wanna play this game anymore

Earth bursts after each step
Tell me. Is this reality?
I take the weight I could throw it down there
Track Name: BBTR
Shut up and listen
This is our epitaph
This is all we have

Your legs grow into carpet
Waiting until invisible hand feeds you
Great food for such a mature individual
You can change things on your own
But you rather sit and wait
until the golden piglet falls into your throat
Fall asleep and wake up into another useless morning
Is this your choice? Is this better life?

Better to burn than rot
Better to act than dream
Better to believe than be vigilant

Do you remember the day when your first time was
where you wanted to be?
Reward for your perseverance
What we want to live

All the dreams and falls are in the right direction
Nothing happens without cause and we know
We stand on the right place
We wanna burn
We wanna light the road for those
who lost their faith long time ago
Track Name: Celebrity
Everyone can be a celebrity
Everyone can be famous
Nobody feels how he’s bleeding inside
Nobody sees the crisis of sense
We’re slowly losing what we’ve learned
Everything we’ve considered necessery is trampled
It’s better to destroy than to build

Costume’s better than pure being
Kill for faith is better than help someone

Yes! We are! We are celebrities!
Yes! You! Always only you!
You and your greater purpose!
Never free, only in artificial phantasm
Sealed in a vacuum
Track Name: It´s Time to Sleep
How many times you’ve said yourself to end the circle?
Seems you’re on wrong way
Just little bit thorny, sometimes it jabs
Questioning thousands time, why am I here?
Thousands of empty words that I heard
And I still want to try again

I still have some strenght

How it’s possible to feel the fire but come inside after all
You said: Come on it won’t hurt
You said: It‘s only a test

I‘ve always went forward never looked back
Now I wonder whether I should stay

Everyday I remember that scent
I smell every fragment of a second
Just a faint whiff and I´m there again
But for now I want to stop and erase that part

It’s time to sleep!
Track Name: Moonlight
Spoken word: Jiddu Krishnamurti - About Life and Death
Track Name: Sleeping Wolves
Wolves awake, city sleeps
Wolves will wake up until you cut it
Wolves will wake up until you bury it
So you survive from day to day
Shatter last remains of memories
Never look back
Not even when the world is burning

What is ahead, what you can live
This is the last chance
When sun goes down dream theatre begins
Perhaps you’ll remember and understand

Wolves awake, city sleeps
Wolves will wake up until you cut it
Wolves will wake up until you bury it
So you’re giving new direction to your life

Every night dressed in wolf’s skin
Don’t let them grow, beat the beast
Rip its food chain
Stretch the curtains, it’s morning, it’s over!

Wolves inside us!
Track Name: Sunset
There’s here and now
There’s no yesterday, no tomorrow
There’s a moment and day when your heart opened again
There’s a day when you take life to your hands
Track Name: Dreamhorse
We run, fly and still believe
Every day and night
Every journey looks long
Depends on us how fast we go
We felt many times
But always got up and continue
We have our dreams and let them come true
This is the world where ewerything is possible
We are our masters, whisking with the whip
Drifting the horse straight ahead

You can see the power in his eyes
You can feel earthquake under the hoofbeats
Only if you feel it in the same way
Horse is still running with the fire in his eyes

When he runs to you, stop and focus your heart

It´s you, who can raise that torche
It´s you…

Believe and it will burn even in bad times
There will be day when you saddle that horse
You´ll merge with the wind
And become closer to your dream
Track Name: Aurora
What lights the room and holds the special atmosphere together
What looked unreal is just what we aren´t able to believe
I´ve rest at the beginnig of the new journey

Listen to that resonant voice that bear the name
Hidden for a long time
Unexpected becomes real
Listen to that resonant voice that bear the name

I´m painting the picture, recording the flow of events
on the canvas of life
Suddenly feel fresh air, like strong spring mornings

All of fit brings your presence
Wind is strong and I know, you are close to me
We share that light and let the colours flow